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How many times have you bought skincare products thinking they would change your skin but didn't? How frustrating and overwhelming is this whole skincare journey? I'm here to take the guesswork out of it all by recommending tried & true products that work.

My promise is a customized skincare routine for YOU that will create real change in your skin.

Next steps - sign up for my 5 favorite skincare tips -take the skincare quiz & receive product recommendations - Book a treatment - Not in the area? Book a virtual consult for a more deep dive into your skincare routine. Skincare savvy? Go Shopping!

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This innovative idea brings the esthetician experience home with a beautifully curated box filled with everything needed to experience self-care and begin your skincare journey to transform your skin.

Esthetician in a Box® is an inclusive way for everyone to have their very own skincare expert at their fingertips. An innovative offering of professional skincare products for clients who cannot see an esthetician in person. Simply fill out the Skincare Questionnaire and Sherena will recommend the perfect products for your skin type, concerns and goals.

Professional Skincare products for Everyone.

Esthetician in a Box®


"Sherena is the best! I have been going to her for consistently for years and she keeps my skin looking and feeling amazing. I love how she customizes her treatments for exactly what your skin needs, and takes the time to educate on how to use the products to keep your skin looking its best. There is nobody I trust with my skin but Sherena!"

There is nobody I trust with my skin but Sherena!

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I’ve been practicing skincare since 2006, you are in good, loving & healing hands. One of my favorite things is partnering with you on your skincare journey - you are not alone. I love seeing the results that bring hope to those who have felt overwhelmed and frustrated with the marketing hype that is so prevalent in the skincare world. No matter where you are on your skincare journey, my promise is to help you improve your skin by achieving a more balanced, glowing & youthful appearance.

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I love sharing all my favorite products with you, this takes the guesswork out of choosing products that are best for you and feeling confident they will work to change your skin. 

Prevention is key when it comes to anti-aging, the goal is to slow down the aging process. In order to do that, you must have a solid & consistent homecare routine for both AM & PM.

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If you’re confused about where to start, sign up to get Sherena's 5 tips to build a foundation for a healthy complexion.

There are tons of skincare tips out there but I’m sharing my top 5 that will help you see the biggest improvement in your complexion. The desire to do the right thing to achieve your best skin can be overwhelming. If you’re keeping up to date on the constant flood of new products on the market, this influx of info can cause even more confusion by the false claims, the celebrity endorsements or even the dermatologist approved label. Then we throw in the influencers on social media and you’re really confused on what to do. This can be an expensive and frustrating journey that yields very little results.


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Book now if you're ready to begin your skincare journey. I'd love to schedule a treatment for you but if that isn't possible, I've created Esthetician in Box® with you in mind.  Please take the skincare quiz to see what products suit you best. 

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